What will I study?


Learners in the Professional Certificate in Leadership will develop an in-depth understanding of advanced leadership theories, models, and practices, and how these theories can be applied to individuals, teams, and organisations to optimise well‐being and performance.

You will critically reflect on your own personal leadership practice and leadership capabilities and understand the effectiveness of these practices and capabilities for different organisational contexts. You will compare and evaluate diverse practices of leading self, leading others, and leading an organisation to develop solutions for the complex leadership challenges of contemporary workplaces.

You will enhance your communication capacities to transmit relevant knowledge, skills and ideas to colleagues and/or stakeholders – internal and external to your organisation – in ways that engage, inspire and motivate.

Through this course, your will develop and demonstrate both initiative and judgement to support and contribute to colleagues’ workplace well‐being and performance – developing teams to be high-performing.

The Professional Certificate in Leadership is taught in intensive mode. It is a graduate coursework degree consisting of 2 subjects, normally taking 1 year of full-time study or part-time equivalent. Each subject contains four microcerts as listed below.

AdvanceD Standing:

NOTE: Applicants who have completed the relevant Melbourne MicroCerts listed below may be eligible for Advanced Standing for Managing Teams (MGMT90265) or Adaptive Leadership (MGMT90264).

A maximum of one 12.5 credit point subject will be granted as Advanced Standing to successful applicants who have completed four Melbourne MicroCerts from the relevant series.

MGMT90265 Managing Teams

MGMT90264 – Adaptive Leadership

Please contact Student Support if you have further questions about Melbourne MicroCert pathways to further study.