Where will this take me?


    Career outcomes

    After completing this major you might pursue career paths in human resource management, international management, marketing, operations management and organisational development, event management, government, services, not-for-profit, marketing communications and public relations.

    IN 5–10 YEARS
    IN 15–20 YEARS
    • Account executive
    • Digital communications manager
    • Chief marketing officer
    • Customer insights analyst
    • Marketing research consultant
    • Communications director
    • Marketing coordinator
    • Brand manager
    • Creative director
    • Media planner
    • Social media specialist
    • Account director

    Graduate pathways from this major


    Completing the Marketing major means you are very well placed for further study in honours and graduate research in a range of business and economics areas. Research training preparation within the honours year, a postgraduate diploma or a masters degree will be required as preparation for graduate research..

    Doctoral Programs

    If you are interested in a pathway to academia or becoming an industry expert in a business discipline you’ll need to undertake further study. Melbourne Business School offers Doctoral Programs (2-year Master of Commerce + 3-year PhD) in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Decision, Risk and Financial Services and a 3-year Doctoral Program in Actuarial Studies. Doctoral Programs for Management and Marketing are currently offered as a 2-year Master of Commerce + 3-year thesis package.


    If you wish to continue professional studies at graduate level, this major leads to a range of graduate degree pathways:

    Graduate Degree Packages

    If you’re a high achieving Commerce applicant and are confident in your study plan, you can secure a pathway straight from Secondary School into Bachelor of Commerce / Master of Engineering or Bachelor of Commerce / Juris Doctor with a Graduate Degree Package by applying via VTAC. These packages are available to both domestic and international students who complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, as well as Australian citizens who complete an Australian Year 12 or the IB outside Australia for entry in 2019 or later. If you don’t receive the required ATAR for a Graduate Degree Package, as a University of Melbourne student, you’ll still be able to access a huge number of graduate study pathway options.